The Rantings of the Brilliant Captain Bonney

And I'm only slightly exaggerating

23 June
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I despise ignorance above all and I judge the books by the cover,but it isn't the same cover your looking at. If I don’t like you I’ll tell you. I write, I sing and I can cook and clean. I also have about as much patience as hive of African Killer Bees.

I am conceited, self centered and completely paranoid. I collect stuffed animals, Hello Kitty paraphernalia, and probably own more makeup than it’s healthy to have.

I'm a big ol' pretentious meanie with an appetite for well, food. I'm not going justify my every action and I'm not going to give you my life story. That's up to you to find out. So suck it up and put your ego back in your pants because mine is the only one allowed here.
The list of music I like is mostly composed of whatever happens to be in my itunes library, regardless of how often I actually listen to which ever. Usually its whatever tickles my fancy, from video game themes to nutty little things.

45 grave, alice cooper, alien sex fiend, angelspit, anna tsuchiya, anorexia nervosa, anything pertaining to music, aphex twin, apocalyptica, arch enemy, art or literature. oh, artist, astrovamps, babes in toyland, bach, beethoven, billy idol, blondie, cannibal, celldweller, celtic frost, children of bodom, christian death, cindy lauper, cinema strange, combichrist, cosmetics fiend, cradle of filth, danzig, dark eden, dead kennedys, debussy, depeche mode, dimmu borgir, dismantled, dope stars inc., dragon lady, duran duran, echo and the bunnymen, electric hellfire club, emilie autumn, eurythmics, faith no more, garbage, hanzel und gretyl, heart, i love food., iggy pop, insane, jack off jill, joan jett, joy division, lacuna coil, ladytron, lene lovich, london after midnight, madonna, many., marilyn manson, merry widow, metallica, mindless self indulgence, modern english, motley crue, mozart, neuroticfish, nine inch nails, obsession with hello kitty, pat benetar, rasputina, rob zombie, samhain, sex gang children, sex pistols, shostakovich, slayer, sopor aeternus, specimen, switchblade symphony, the adicts, the bangles, the buzzcocks, the cramps, the cranberries, the cruxshadows, the cult, the dresden dolls, the genitorturers, the horrorpops, the kidney thieves, the lunachicks, the murderdolls, the plasmatics, the ramones, the virgin prunes, the zounds, trashlight vision, tsol, twisted sister, type o negative, van halen, vivaldi, wednesday 13, x-ray spex, zeromancer, zombie girl, zombina and the skeletones